Archive List

updated 12/16/2012

December 2012
Pulling Myself out of a Low
Senegalese Food
From Host Family Hostility to…

November 2012
Breakfast, Round Two
African Flight, Illegal Migration, and The Value of American Citizenship
Opening up to Strangers
Mar Lodj Rural Stay 1/2
Mar Lodj Rural Stay 2/2
Transportation: Getting Around Senegal
A Day in the Life
Dealing with Street Harassment
Talibé and Begging Culture

October 2012
Standing up for Boulettes
How to Kill the Worm Growing in Your Foot
Africa Cup: Senegal vs Cote d’Ivoire Riot (aka the first time I actually feel unsafe here)
Dakar → Kédougou → Dindéfelo → Bandafassi (SE Senegal 1/3)
Bandafassi → Ibél & Iwol → Kédougou (SE Senegal 2/3)
Kédougou → Diakhaba → Tambacounda → Dakar (SE Senegal 3/3)
Tabaski (Eid al-Adha in Senegal)
Midway Goal Check
Picking up a Package in Dakar
Rural Stay Goals

September 2012
Did She Just Put Parmesan in Her Tea?
It Feels So Good to Be American; Wandering the Streets
Downtown Sortie & Exploring Sacré Coeur 3
Beginning to Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster
Being an Asian American in Dakar & Dakar’s Chinatown
First Day with the Dispensaire Saint Laurent
Starting to Adjust (and a trip to Gorée Island)
Health Check-In
Toubab Dialaw
A Breezy Day
Check Your Privilege
Marché HLM & Plage de Yoff
Back on a High
An Afternoon in Europe via Ndiaga Ndiaye

August 2012
What I’m doing next year (first post/start here)
Why Senegal? Intro to Dakar and Senegal
Flight and First Day
Unexpected Observations
The Importance of Wolof and Learning the Culture
Expectations vs Reality (One Week In)
My Host Family
Living with a Host Family


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