Albatrossing on Gorée Island. Photo Credit Grace Veker.

Gorée Island, Senegal. Photo Credit Grace Veker.

Welcome! I’m Katarina Makmuri. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, which nurtured an intense love of food, fitness, and the environment. But despite how much I’ve loved (loved) living here, wanderlust took over and I spent my last year at UC Berkeley traveling. Here’s my basic itinerary:

Aug ’12 – Dec ’12 | Africa | I studied language, culture, and public health in Dakar, Senegal with CIEE’s Language and Culture program, and did some technology consulting with a private health clinic. I chose Senegal because I wanted to make use of my French but also wanted to reach as far from my comfort zone as I dared, and I did: I battled a worm in my foot, hesitated over the “right thing” in the face of child beggars, and escaped from a riot… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (you can ask me in person for the really disturbing experiences). But I was also able to find peace (and, erm, pastries), not to mention be smacked in the face by my ignorant expectations of “sub-Saharan Africa.” I also traveled outside of Dakar around rural Senegal. These are just a few of my experiences: you can start reading from the beginning here.

Dec ’12 – Feb ’13 | Europe | I flew from Dakar to Lyon, France and backpacked around France, Italy, and Spain (and Monaco and Vatican City) for 8 weeks, one of which was spent teaching immersion English to businesspeople in Salamanca, Spain.

Feb ’13 – Sept ’13 | Asia | From Paris, I flew into Shanghai, China to study International Business & Marketing at Fudan University (复旦大学). On my way back, I stayed in Taiwan for a month and had a thrilling 10-hour layover in the Philippines.

I am aware that this wordpress theme is annoying because the content boxes are too narrow, and the bloglist truncates posts. I would mess with the CSS but that costs money. To read through all of my posts chronologically, you can click the blue links with arrows at the bottom of posts.

Finally, I love comments! I read all of them and they make me motivated to keep blogging. Ask me questions, tell me what you think was cool/surprising/amazing. I’ve probably already stalked you more than you’ve stalked me, so don’t be shy! :)

Finally finally: why “albatrossic?” While arctic terns have the longest-distance migration, albatrosses circle the earth, just like I did 2012-2013. Though in retrospect, “arcticternic” is catchier. Hmmm.


5 responses to “About

  1. Hi Katarina, i am traveling in mexico I really like your blog. I am from UCSC. How did you start your wordpress? did you pay any fees? it looks awesome!

    • Hi Katie, go UC! Thanks for stopping by. I’m using a free theme from WordPress – there are lots of interesting free themes available when you click on “Appearance,” located on your dashboard. Good luck and let me know if you need more help!

  2. Katarina, We used to live in Pacifica but now I reside in Austin TX – I have a worm in my foot that I am almost certain I got when visiting roatan honduras. Did the treatment you talk about work? Just curios, I dont think I want this guy living with me to much longer!

    • Hi Alison,
      The treatment worked! I just kept applying the cream until I ran out of gauze pads – I applied about once or twice a day for almost a week. If you have access to a doctor, you should probably get it checked out just in case. Good luck, I hope it goes away soon!

  3. Loved loved your remarks on southwest China
    do you recommend we go to Yangshow and Guilin?or not ?
    we will be in China for six weeks where should we go that is not touristy is there such a place?
    I just canceled my blog of traveling to 160 countries because it was costing me $100 a year through go daddy and I got nothing but advertising blogs on it.
    yours is free?
    Yours is excellent, honest writing so much better then lonely planet.

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