Unexpected Observations

Well, sigh. This whole photos-to-internet thing isn’t working out great (yesterday took me many hours). I have quite a few more pictures to upload. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon but in the meantime, some general unexpected observations:

-The transition to living in Dakar has been shockingly easy. This is because:
a) I’m still living amongst Americans
b) I was prepared for the physical conditions because I’ve been to Taiwan
c) The people are so welcoming. I was thinking that the transition to France might actually be plus difficile than this one because the tolerance for les erreurs is so much lower.

Political Graffiti in Dakar [theworld.org]

-The graffiti is almost exclusively political.

-This is not really related to Senegal, but having a watch is aMAAAzing.

-I feel like I am hassled less than I am at Berkeley.

-You REALLY have to watch your step. I understand now how my Indonesian grandfather died of blood poisoning from an infected cut on his foot. Since it rains so much and the roads aren’t smooth, there are cesspools everywhere. And Dakar is so dusty that the flowing rain rivers are always Mars-colored. Who would have thought that rain boots are more useful here in Dakar, Senegal than in Berkeley, California?

-The mosquitoes really aren’t that bad. In fact, I haven’t been bitten once! Then again, I HAVE been wearing permethrin-laced clothing.

My Atlanticside running route would be damn beautiful it weren’t so damn hot and particulate-filled. [clio-photo]

-This shouldn’t’ve been surprising, but black smoke billows out of the car rapides. Running along la corniche is an exercise in asthma. (Was there a pun somewhere in there?)

-Riding a car rapide isn’t scary at all! It’s not even as crowded as Asian public transportation (though honestly, it’s more malodorous), and the car drives slowly (because it’s old) and relatively smoothly.

-There are horses everywhere!!!! I see one every day :D :D


3 responses to “Unexpected Observations

  1. Have you managed to see the huge birds of pray circle above the city yet during evening? :)
    That was what blew me away about Dakar… and yeah… of course.. Goreé Island

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